Clean Energy Fuels - Wood, Ethanol, Biodiesel and Biogas

Clean Energy Fuels

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Clean Energy Fuels (CEF) is a great book on renewable energy fuels including wood, ethanol, biodiesel and biogas.

Clean Energy Fuels starts off with a considerable review of non-renewable (fossil) fuels such as:

  • Coal
  • Oil / Petroleum,
  • Natural Gas,
  • Shale Oil / Shale Gas
  • Tar sands / Oil Sands /Bitumen

In addition to these fossil fuels, Clean Energy Fuels book also carries out an excellent review of Nuclear Energy using both the fission and the fusion processes. Nuclear energy (particularly from fission) is non-renewable as the uranium resource is prone to finishing at some time in the future. However, it is a reliable energy source that is worth exploring to see if it could be considered in a nation's energy mix.

The values and economic benefits of the fossil fuels as well as the nuclear resource, are fully discussed. At the same time, the sustainability, environmental and security (SES) challenges of the the fossil/nuclear fuels are substantially identified and discussed. These SES challenges are the drivers for the quest for "Alternative Fuels" which are the main subjects of Clean Energy Fuels book.

Clean Energy Fuels book then goes further to identify and discuss the major clean energy fuels that promise to be, with some additional works and researches, the alternatives to the fossil fuels.These Clean Energy Fuels, among others, Cover in the book are:

  • Wood fuel
  • Pellets and briquettes made from wood, saw dust, grass clippings, newspaper, and other materials
  • Alcohol fuels including Ethanol, Butanol, and Methanol
  • Biological diesel fuel (Biodiesel)
  • Synthesis gas (or Syngas) / Producer gas
  • Biogas

Clean Energy Fuels book identify what these fuels are, how they are made, various lost-cost feedstock or materials used to make them; and the advantages of using them over using the conventional fossil fuels.

Clean Energy Fuels book is recommended for diverse groups of people working on, or interested in clean, renewable, alternative energy sources. These people include but are not limited to:

  • students
  • instructors;
  • oil, gas and energy workers (company owners, employees and consultants); and
  • the general public wondering what are these renewable, alternative energy fuels.

Get your copy of Clean Energy Fuels book and increase your knowledge of various energy fuels; particularly the renewable energy fuels..

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