This concept believes that ecology is the central and most significant part of the earth
and thus promotes nature-based system of values.

Ecocentrism is a nature-centered view of the Earth. The environment (or nature) is the most
important and should be well catered for by humans for their own sake. The continuous existence of humans on Earth is dependent on the health of nature. If nature is ignored, humans may go into extinction. This is contrary to anthropocentrism which simply takes care of humans and other things that are of immediate benefits to humans
for feeding, clothing, shelter, medical and other needs.

Econcentrism believes that there intrinsic values for all living things on earth regardless of their usefulness to humans. It also believes that man is the most advanced species with the brain and ability to take care of all other species on earth.  Econcentrism view is in line with the theory of sustainable development which according to the UN definition is the development that meets the needs of the present generation without comprising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. Ecocentrism has positive effects on sustainable development.  Developments are carried out in responsible ways that minimize environmental destructions and ensure sustainable growth.

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